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Gorilla Zoe : National Act

Gorilla Zoe is an Atlanta, Georgia rapper in the mold of Young Jeezy, whom he replaced in the Bad Boy group Boyz n da Hood. Both Atlantans have raspy voices, slow flows, simple rhymes, and a shameless obsession with the illegal drug trade, in particular c ...
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Gramatik : National Act

Gramatik has always been an early adopter. It began at the age of 3, when his mother would catch him glued to the radio in his older sister’s room, checking out the cassette tapes with American funk, jazz, soul and blues. He started making his first beats ...
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Hank Williams, Jr. : National Act

In the music industry, there are very few artists who surpass superstar status to become true American icons. Hank Williams, Jr. is a founding member of that elite club. Throughout his career, he's helped shape our country's cultural landscape with his un ...
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Jaz - The Beat Rider

A new female artist/songwriter on the rap scene; whose mixture of styles found in her music is attributed to her diverse background. Born in Detroit, Michigan & raised in Hartford, Connecticut and is currently residing in Tampa, Florida. Her combination o ...
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Juvenile : National Act

New Orleans-based rapper Juvenile has earned his seat among rap royalty, with a career spanning over 20years. This former Hot Boy & Cash Money Records artist has released 10 studio albums featuring hits like “Back That Azz Up,” “The G Code,” and “Rodeo.” ...
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Keller Williams : National Act

Keller Williams has built a career on his uncanny ability to captivate a packed house-all by himself. He's been called a "one-man band." A "solo cult-hero." "Music's mad-scientist." All of which are clever labels for what seems to be an essential truth: O ...
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Layne : National Act

A newcomer from the hills of Tennessee who is determined to put his state at the forefront of Hip Hop. This former member of the Cartel Family has struck out to create his first solo project. The streets of Tennessee are going crazy over songs like “I’m i ...
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Luke Bryan : National Act

Listen to Luke Bryan talk, and the natural twang in his voice tells you he's from as deep into the rural South as a young man can be. Listen to Luke Bryan sing, and the true-as-dirt details tells you he writes about who he is and what he knows.This Capito ...
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Milkman : National Act

Milkman has expanded his fan base by performing locally in the shore-side college community Isla Vista. As word has spread through college campuses around the country and over seas, Milkman's popularity began to grow and is now headlining performances fro ...
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Moe. : National Act

Moe. is the preeminent progressive rock band on the music scene today. In a remarkable career that's touched upon three decades and produced 17 albums, the quintet of Al Schnier and Chuck Garvey on guitars and vocals, Rob Derhak on bass and vocals, Jim Lo ...
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Moon Taxi : National Act

Moon Taxi is one of those rare bands that unites musical ingenuity with thoughtful lyrics and still somehow manages to wildly entertain and thrill a crowd. Their new record, Cabaret, is a layered, multi-dimensional endeavor that displays the band's maturi ...
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Nappy Roots : National Act

America’s favorite Hip-Hop group originated in Bowling Green, Ky are best known for their hit singles "Po' Folks", "Awnaw","Roun' The Globe" and "Good Day". The group consists of Skinny DeVille, Fish Scales, Buffalo Stille and Ron Clutch. Nappy Roots has ...
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Pat Green : National Act

We are walking in the footsteps of our fathers Standing in the shadows of our mothers Trying to learn from those who came before us I see the roadmaps and lines upon their face." "Footsteps of Our Fathers" by Pat Green and Brett James For a m ...
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Pretty Lights : National Act

Pretty Lights is the musical vision of the ultra-versatile Colorado based producer Derek Vincent Smith, accompanied in the live setting by drummer, Cory Eberhard. Together these two achieve a raw energy rarely reached in the realm of electronic music. At ...
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Railroad Earth : National Act

Railroad Earth is one of America's greatest bands playing today, plain and simple. They sing of our nation's changing landscape and social ills with a commitment reminiscent of Woody Guthrie, while interpolating instrumental timbres that could have been p ...
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Rich Boy : National Act

Mobile Alabama native, Rich Boy is best known for his hit single “Throw Some D’s” from his first self-titled album. The “Rich Boy” album also produced other hit singles “Boy Looka Here,” “Good Things,” and “Let’s Get This Paper.” He recently released his ...
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Robert Earl Keen : National Act

In 1980, Robert Earl Keen graduated from Texas A&M and moved to Austin, Texas, where he began writing for a newspaper. Soon he was performing in Austin's nightclubs and live music venues, building a solid following. In 1984 he financed the recording of hi ...
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Rod Stewart : National Act

In 1976, Rod Stewart achieved his first platinum album, "A Night On The Town." The album featured the number one single "Tonight's The Night." This album certified Stewart as a rock superstar. He continued to release albums, and produced many smash hits l ...
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Roscoe Dash : National Act

Atlanta breeds its fair share of music milestones– chart-topping trap boys, dance innovators, and crunk divas. And then there’s Roscoe Dash, an ATL native poised to carve a movement of his own. The rapper made major noise in ’09 with the party-starting ra ...
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Sammy Kershaw : National Act

Since his debut on the music scene in the early 90s, Sammy Kershaw has remained one of the most consistent power hitters in country music both with a chain of major hit records and sell-out touring schedules. Sammy Kershaw Band from Louisiana is a Nati ...
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