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Lava Lamp : High School Party Band

Do you know where your leisure suit is? You'd better find it - quick! Lava Lamp is the preeminent Seventies band in the Southeast, and they're coming to your neighborhood soon. Blending outstanding musical and vocal talents with a fun, energetic performan ...
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LC Rocks : High School Party Band

LC Rocks is a versatile and professional 4 piece Texas rock band that plays a variety of music and styles, but is best known for the ROCK of the '80s, G&R, Def Leppard, and AC/DC. Based in Austin Texas, the Live Music Capital of the World, the band ha ...
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Little Raine Band : High School Party Band

The Little Raine Band is a young energetic Alabama jam band with a growing momentum in Birmingham and surrounding towns. Not only does each member have former jazz band experience they also have roots in blues, bluegrass, rock and roll, and electronic mus ...
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Livewire : High School Party Band

In the year 2000, Livewire began building a reputation for bringing a good time and a lively atmosphere to parties and events in the greater Birmingham area. Our goal is for everyone, especially YOU, to have fun. We play long sets, take short breaks, st ...
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London Calling : High School Party Band

With literally hundreds of songs in its repertoire, Texas dance band, LONDON CALLING can best be described as a "Human Jukebox!" No matter what style of music you are seeking or what age group of your function, London Calling performs with the highest qua ...
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