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College Bands

Trent Turner : College Band

Trent Turner started playing blues while attending medical school in San Antonio in the mid 90s. Trent Turner and the Moontowers Band have been a band since 2002. The band is from Austin Texas and plays there for fraternity parties and college campus nigh ...
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Trey Lewis Band : College Band

As Young man Trey Lewis always dreamed of making it Big on the . Long before the Trey Lewis Band's voyage into the college circuit, Trey just never knew that the road would be so bumpy and that road included many detours that allowed Trey to witness and ...
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Trinidad James : College Band

Nicholas Williams (born September 23, 1987), better known by his stage name Trinidad James (also stylized as Trinidad Jame$), is a Trinidadian-born American rapper. He has signed a recording contract with Def Jam Recordings, and is the CEO of his own reco ...
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Trotline Band - C/HS : College Band

Trotline originated in Valdosta, Georgia in 1997. Since then, the #1 college country cover band has played almost every major town in the Southeast. Trotline has played many colleges in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi. The band has grown to h ...
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Troy Laz and 2 Hipnotic : College Band

Troy Laz , a stellar performer modernizes R&B, Funk, Hip-Hop & Rock. He works with talented musicians and formed a Band on New Orleans “world-famous” Canal Street and toured as lead singer for a number of years across the United States and overseas. The b ...
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Ty Reynolds Band : College Band

Ty Reynolds Band is beginning to turn up the heat on the college circuit. The band has been added to the Auburn, Alabama's 's Elite College club-Sky Bar's rotation and have really started to become well know with the fraternities and sororities on campus ...
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Tyler Farr : Country Band

Country singer and songwriter Tyler Farr was born and raised in Garden City, Missouri. He had an early exposure to country music, thanks in no small part to the fact that his father played lead guitar in country icon George Jones' touring band, and he eve ...
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U.S Band : College Band

U.S, for those who don’t already know, is a college rock and variety band whose main mission seems to be keeping rock music alive and well in the southeast. A good bit of their set is rock from the 80’s but don’t let that fool you, just when you think you ...
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Ultra Nexus : College DJ

Ultra Nexus is the latest edition to hit the Electronic Dance Music/Mashup/Extreme Dance Hip Hop scene. With a combination of over 12,000 LEDs, moving head light fixtures, lasers, and strobes and a powerful LED Panel Screen System, Ultra Nexus is the next ...
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Underground Railroad : College Band

During the fall of 2009 four friends decided to come together and create Underground Railroad. By the end of 2009 and well into 2010, Underground Railroad has been playing different college parties and campus venues throughout Alabama and Georgia. The uni ...
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Undergrounders : College Band

Undergrounders have been performing for college parties and campus venues for over 10 years. Made up of some of the best musicians and vocalists in the Birmingham area, Undergrounders have become one of Music Garden's most requested college bands. Unde ...
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Union Road : College Band

One of the best Alabama college cover bands in the southeast for any occasion! Formed in the summer of 2011, they’ve been playing non-stop ever since and have become a common sight at fraternity parties, sorority parties, campus clubs, and other Greek ev ...
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URI Band : College Band

Uri Band or URI Horon Band is a college rock, hip hop, and party band from Tuscaloosa Alabama that has become one of the Music Garden favorites for fraternity parties and sorority parties throughout the southeast region. This college dance band has playe ...
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Vegabonds : College Band

Sometimes things just take off. Six guys start playing at a few campus parties and college clubs and suddenly become a highly requested band. The Vegabonds play rock, Southern rock, oldies, and jam. Perfect for the fraternity or sorority party. Vegabon ...
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Waka Flocka : College Band

After five years in the rap game Waka Flocka Flame has learned a lot, he’s matured musically and he’s accomplished more than most people can fathom when they start their ascent to the top. His first mixtape, Salute Me or Shoot Me, Vol. 1 featured Waka Flo ...
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Wes Loper Band : College Band

With well over 1,000 live college performances, Wes Loper knows how to entertain a campus crowd. He has a way of blending music genres that has fans cheering for more. From Mobile Alabama area, Wes Loper Band finds a common ground with the audience and in ...
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Whiskey River : College Band

Whiskey River Band lives on the road. Playing upwards to 200 college campus shows a year all over the Southeast, The Whiskey River Band has garnered many fans and accolades. The WRB has been making a name for themselves for years. With over 40 years combi ...
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Wildcat : College Band

A vibrant country, blues, rock and soul artist, Clayton's mixture is unique yet his writing approach is fresh and new. Clayton's powerful performance, creative energy, and show stopping techniques always leaves his fans wanting more. Wildcat Band from ...
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Windstorm : College Band

Formed in the early eighties, Shreveport La's Windstorm Band is one of the best-known college bands in the southern region. Comprised of multi-talented members, this Louisiana area college campus band will play a wide range of genres from the soulful an ...
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Ying Yang Twins : College Band

Atlanta's party rap duo Ying Yang Twins scored a hit with the single "Whistle While You Twurk," which received nationwide airplay on urban and crossover radio stations. Their full-length debut album, Thug Walkin', appeared later in 2000. Alley...Return of ...
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